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Ready References
 Local Time
 Merriam Webster Dictonary
 Webster (Hypertex)
 A List of Dictionaries
 A Phone Book
 Links to Style/Grammer, etc.
 IPL (Internet Public Library)IPL
 IPL Reference Center (IPLRC)
 IPLRC Reference Section

Search Engines
 Alta Vista

 Red Hat
 NTLUG Forum
 Linux Journal
 Linux Gazette
 The Linux Documentation Project
 Linux Software (LOTS)
 More Linux Links
 Linux International US
 The World's Most Popular Web Server
 VA Research

 5 day forecast for Tyler
 National Weather Service
 DFW Weather from CNN
 Satellite Image of Texas
 Current Local Radar
 VZ Forecast (use Find)

Lotto Check
 Texas Lottery Results

 Public Access to Gov Info
 The Bill - The Vote

My ISP Home
 Van Zandt Internet
Legal Information
 FEDERAL   The Declaration of Independence   The Constitution   The United States Code   Links to Most of US Government    First Amendment Issues     ACLU Freedom Network     BAL's Legal Issues Home Page     Links to Most of US Government    Other Important (IMHO) Federal Issues     Disabilities Act Documents     Endangered Species    TAXES!! (Ugggh)     Tax Forms  TEXAS   CLE OnLine   Probate Karisch   SBOT-PDP Home Page   SBOT-PDP Online Forums   SBOT-Real Estate Sec   Texas Real Estate Comm

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